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Every space can be an expression of artistic creativity. Whether you have a vision you want to bring to reality or you want help designing your project, we can provide you with the creative services to get there.

Our unique background offers you a variety of specialties to apply to your project that will set yours apart from others.

Your project can be large or small, simple or complex, in your home or business, an event, for Film or Theatre.

Faux Finish

Jazz up your home with decorative finishes. We offer a variety of techniques to add dimension to your walls or enhance any detail of your home. There is a wide variety of possible finishes, from color washes and strie's to our proprietary applications that are custom designed for your home or business.

Rich and classic, Venetian plaster will enhance your space in an understated way. Old world appeal can be attained in a wide variety of color and finishes. It is a smooth and often shiny plaster design that appears textured but is smooth to the touch. Venetian plaster has been revitalized and is one of the most popular and traditional plaster decorations. We use the highest quality materials to allow you a finish that is extremely durable.

What does Faux Mean?
The term Faux Painting, commonly used for a variety of decorative finishes, translates to "forgery" in French.

Design with natural looking beauty. You can display the look and feel of natural materials without the cost. Painted marble, wood, limestone, tortoiseshell, and stone are just a few of the many faux finishes we've mastered.

We can add that special faux finish accent or element to your space to make it dynamic.
Here are the most common applications!

  • Faux Marble your Columns
  • Faux Wood on Steel Doors
  • Faux Limestone on Fireplace hearths and surrounds.

To make your space more unique, the faux finish can be designed to match your decor or painted to look like materials that are not available.

Cynthia Sweetland studied faux finishing with French Masters: Pierre Lefumat & Yannick Guegan.

Contact us for ideas on how we can accent your surroundings.

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